Environment, Climate Change & Productive Landscapes


We create environmental awareness and carry out biodiversity projects through provision of leadership and encouraging partnerships in caring for the environment. We advocate for farming practices that increase farmers’ resilience to climate change. We also promote the use of environmentally friendly energy saving cook stoves.


Promoting and creating awareness on renewable energy as well as providing information on renewable energy markets, market actors and technologies.

Supporting training, capacity building and certification activities in the renewable energy field and accreditation of renewable energy product and service providers.

Research for purposes of informing advocacy and lobbying activities and to collect information on renewable energy products and markets.

Pro-renewable energy lobbying and advocacy to improve the business environment and encourage adoption.

Networking, Business Linkages and Coordination, to facilitate and encourage synergies between various activities e.g. programs, projects and/or initiatives in the renewable energy field.

Promoting renewable energy, including, among others, solar and use of agricultural residues for energy.
Improving and promoting energy efficiency. Large-scale dissemination of clean, fuel-saving cook stoves and other clean cooking methods.

Improving forest management and protection

VVP will work closely with and Support NGOs, CBOs, youth groups, grassroots women groups, schools, private companies/enterprises and religious institutions that are involved in climate Justice Activities such as Planting Trees, Forest Protection, and Biodiversity; conservation initiatives in their bid to respond to the global call to counter climatic changes.