Sustainable Indingenous Seed System
Our community seed banks offer a sustainable way to improve access to high-value seeds, creating viable community-based businesses and maintaining biodiversity by strengthening their ability to grow food sustainably, using locally adapted seeds. In addition, community seed banks contribute to farmer adaptation. They also indirectly enhance household income diversification, community seed systems, and conserve indigenous and non-GMO seeds.
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VVP’s WASH program enables community residents across four different counties to gain access to improved water, sanitation, and hygiene services and increased access to irrigation and nutrition services.

The VVP WASH program collaborates closely with the departments of water and health at county levels to support the government’s national initiative to scale up sanitation coverage and end open defecation in Kenya. We use the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach which enables community members to improve their communities through actions such as advocating for latrine construction and has proven successful in Kenya. Other approaches we have successfully used as part of our behavior change strategy, include faith engagement and peer-to-peer education.
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We promote innovation, increased economic inclusion, and create jobs through entrepreneurship and agro-entrepreneurship in rural areas. Through these schemes, community members come together to form associations which are later trained on entrepreneurship with the aim of creating employment opportunities in rural areas through small enterprises these schemes mainly succeed through skill up-grading, handholding, and credit support to rural women.

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We work with the National Government and County Governments, and with community health volunteers at local levels to support community mobilization to raise awareness and promote uptake of good WASH services and practices. We also partner with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to train water management committees on water governance. We collaborate with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to influence government plans and budgeting processes. This way, we ensure resources are well-distributed in areas of need.

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Gender Forums Conducted
People Gained Clean Water
Energy Saving Cook Stoves Distributed
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About Village Vocations
Village Vocations Program is registered in Kenya under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act. We work with communities and in partnership with other organizations in improving the livelihoods of Kenyans through Community Empowerment Our projects are spread across Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Mwingi, and the larger lower Eastern region.
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