Agri-Entrepreneurship: Foodwise Microsolutions

We advocate for farming practices that increase farmers’ resilience to climate change. We support socially responsible and economically viable Agri-entrepreneurship initiatives by youth and women groups and facilitate agricultural innovation as well as Value Addition while at the same time ensuring that these methods of production do not interfere with the environment. Our main aim is to empower farmer’s groups to be able to meet their basic needs and hence uplift their livelihoods and those of their families. We provide agricultural training, value addition training and resource mobilization through Saccos as well as market research and access.

Our agricultural initiatives are geared towards creating a paradigm shift in which small holder farmers practice farming as a business, as opposed to subsistence farming. Further, we sustain the productivity of the agricultural sector through initiatives that foster increasing returns to land, labor, and capital. Targeted interventions to youth and women producers provide improvements in management practices, expanded access to markets and credit, increased organizational and market efficiency, and restoration and protection of resiliency in production and livelihood systems.

Foodwise Microsolutions

Foodwise is a Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) start-up of Village Vocations Program that improves peoples’ health and livelihoods through timely provision of nutritious and affordable precooked foods to low wage earners especially in urban centers and cities.

Key interventions include:

Market Access and Market Linkages: We do this by connecting farmers and food outlets in order to improve the functioning of the food supply chain through the creation of village production units and marketing cooperatives.

Precooked Meals & FSN: We precook, package and supply carefully selected pulses to street food vendors, families and other food outlets in urban centers.

Climate Change Mitigation: Street food vendors require lots of biomass as fuel for their cooking, either as charcoal, firewood or sawdust. This continues to wreck lots of havoc to our already overburdened environment. At Foodwise, we assist street vendors to conserve on their fuel by supplying precooked pulses and other foods. We also supply the vendors with energy saving cookstoves and charcoal briquettes.

Hygiene & Health: At Foodwise, food handling, cooking, packaging and delivery is done with utmost care therefore reducing the risk of contamination. By reducing on the use of firewood and charcoal, street food vendors will be exposed to a less risk of respiratory infections.